Translate Video with AI At Scale

Automatically translate video & audio into 130+ languages

Expand your global reach and create new revenue streams with localized marketing, educational, or entertainment content.

Save your money and precious time

No extra software installed and use anywhere

Privacy first and all data is not leaked and stolen by encrypted data channles

Localize content at scale with Ai4video

Need to translate hours of audio and video daily?

Translated into different languages, your YouTube videos will also be searchable worldwide.

It’s fast, effortless, and affordable! Download your transcripts as TXT files for better business documentation.

Translate Video with AI At Scale

Why you need to use Ai4video to translate videos ?

1. Stand out from the crowd and Increase your audience reach substantially

Translate video to multiple languages can bring you more audience around the world, just translate your video easily and try to reach them.

Multilingual videos can engage new customers and boost your business growth.

2. Translate video is easy and fast

Ai4video's video translator is an AI-powered service.

What you should do is just upload a video, then we can translate the video to multiple languages at the same time.

The translated video sounds like your own voice.

3. Focus and get more!

You can focus more on creating content, and we can save time and money for you.

Our AI-powered video translator can translate videos into any language using your own voice

Of course, we also provide various types of voice libraries for use in advertising, education, games and other industries.

How to translate video at scale ?

1. Open and Upload a video

Open, found AiClone in navigation

Upload your video or select an asset from your asset list.

No matter it is video or audio we both support.

2. Select a language and translate automatically

You can also translate your transcript to over multiple languages.

Just select your origin language and target language

Of course, we support to identify your video language automatically too.

3. Review and export

Review and edit the transcription if necessary.

You can rewrite the transcript, click on a line of text and start typing.

Download your transcript in VTT, SRT, or TXT format.

F.A.Q About video translator