Blur Video Background Online

Add blur effect to video online!

Ai4video's Video Background Blur Tool

Ai4video's Video Background Blur Tool can make videos with blurred background effect.We have multiple buildin templates, such as Youtube, Facebook, Snapshot, etc.

Blurring Video Backgrounds Automatically

Use the Blur Background feature for any video recorded on an iPhone, Android, tablet, or webcam camera. The AI-powered video editing technique works on any MP4, MOV, M4A, FLV, AVI, or other video files. No more downloading hefty apps like iMovie or learning advanced softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to Blur Background of Video Online?

Open, found Blur Background Of Video in navigation
Drop Video
Upload your video, then apply one of the blur filters.Adjust the severity of the blur effect by using the slider in the sidebar.After click start button, Ai4video will automatically blur the background in the video.
Export and Share
When you’re satisfied with the background to your video, hit Export. From there, you can download your video, create a video URL link, or share directly across social media platforms.