Blur Part Of Video Online

Add blur effect to video online!

About Ai4video's Blur Part of Video

You can blur an object in a video with video editing software like Ai4video.Blurring a shot can also be useful for making the text more legible, for instance when introducing a title to your video and bringing the audience's attention to that instead.

Blur Part of Video in 1 Click on

Ai4video's Blur Video Online Tool can blur multiple parts of a video.No need to download any extra software or app, you can use in any device.

How to Blur Multi parts of Video Online?

Open, found Blur Part Of Video in navigation
Drop A Video And Apply Filter
Select your video, then apply one of the blur filters.You can split multi clips, eash clip you can blur a specific area.
Create And Share
When you’re satisfied with the background to your video, hit Export. From there, you can download your video, create a video URL link, or share directly across social media platforms.